Play it fair!

For translators who are using bidding websites such as, you may get your quotes declined because your proposed rate was 'higher'. I mean by 'higher' here 'higher' than other bidders' rates. Unfortunately, many people who speak English and Arabic claim they are professional translators and hence they give such ridiculously low rates to clients. It is sad to see that translators don't look highly at themselves or value the service they offer. Translation is really an art and it is not an easy job. You don't simply pour words to 'papers' without extensive search, terminology lookup, learning translation tools such as Trados, MemoQ, etc. Professional translators invest extensively in themselves to have professional skills. Most of those 'cheap' translators cannot even speak over the phone in English properly. They cannot write an error-free reply to a client, so how come those clients trust them and give them jobs risking losing their end clients. To me, it is all about money. LSPs (Language Single Providers) or MLVs (Multi Language Providers) are not playing it fair.

My advice to all professional Arabic translators out there: do not belittle yourself. You are doing a great job, bridging gaps between cultures and helping the end customers sell more, outreach to external markets and earn more revenue. Without your help and your professional attitude, those LSPs and MLVs will shut down business. They should be grateful to you for being professional and shouldn't pay you peanuts.

For those who are pessimistic and worried about their translation career, I say:                              


Don't worry. There are plenty of customers out there who are professional just like you are and they are willing to pay you decently so that you can make a good living. You are their main big asset and investment because they know that they wouldn't have made it without you. Keep up the good work, charge good rates and do not underestimate what you do.

It is worth mentioning this great website in this regard: